Hi, I'm Royd and I live in Mumbai, India. I studied Mass Media at St. Xavier's College in Mumbai where I majored in Advertising. After working on some interesting photography projects during and after college, I found that photography offered me a unique way to express myself and I decided to explore it further. I moved to the U.K. where I completed a Masters in Freelance Photography at Birmingham City University.

I love photographing people and telling stories through pictures. I am lucky to be living in a vibrant and colourful city like Mumbai where there is always an interesting frame to be captured. I take inspiration from the environment, colours, shapes and sounds around me to weave an interesting narrative. I love what I do and am super passionate about photography. I get to travel to new places and meet interesting people.

I have worked on a wide variety of photography projects over the years. Over time, I have found that the areas of photography that interest me the most are weddings, portraits, travel and interiors. I also enjoy fashion and corporate shoots and I am always looking for new projects to challenge myself.

I'd love to hear your story and find out more about your photography needs.

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