Sunami + Arjun: A Mumbai monsoon pre-wedding shoot

Mumbai. Monsoons. When these two come together, it creates a very unique setting for a photo shoot. The blazing heat of the sun is replaced by the cool breeze from the Arabian Sea. Blue skies make way for dark grey monsoon clouds. No matter how tempting it is to stay home and watch the rain from your window while munching on pakoras and chai, sometimes you must go out and shoot.

We started shooting at Jogger’s Park but soon realised that the rain is going to be unrelenting. Thanks to Jatin Hariani who assisted me on this shoot and ensured my camera stayed dry throughout. After realising outdoors might not work, we headed to Sweetish House Mafia for some indoor shots. Meanwhile the rain had stopped and the sun had started to peek through the clouds. We used this opportunity to head to Fat Man’s Cafe and finished off the photo shoot with some outdoor portraits. Overall it was quite a challenge owing to the rain but where’s the fun otherwise, am I right? 🙂

Camera: Nikon D800
Lenses: Nikon 24-70 and Nikon 50mm
Assisted by: Jatin Hariani

Nikhil + Madhura: A unique cocktail

I have known Nikhil & Madhura for many years. We studied together in St. Xavier’s college and graduated from college and from our teens together. So you can imagine my surprise when Nikhil told me that he was getting married. I was going to witness this Dahisar boy transition into a man!

The cocktail party was arranged at the Link Room in Bandra and the best part was that most people who attended were from college. It turned into somewhat of a reunion for all of us. I guess that’s what happens when someone from your school or college gets married. It was great to meet my fellow Xavierites after so many years.

My favourite part of the evening was when Nikhil pulled Madhura towards him and planted a massive kiss on her!

Camera: Nikon D800
Lenses: Nikon 24-70 + Nikon 50mm

Venue: Link Room, Bandra

Oscar’s 2nd Birthday: Mumbai Pet Photography

When Riddhi contacted me asking if I would photograph her 2 year old Labrador’s birthday, there was only one thing I could say. I mean, how could I paws-ibly say no to this?

It is said that pets are the perfect stress busters, and rightly so. This was possibly the most relaxed shoot I have ever done. Although, this reminded me to get back into the gym and start training again. Running after the little pooches and squatting constantly to get the perfect shot took a toll on my thighs. I could still feel the burn after 3 days.

Palak was the perfect assistant as well and made sure she got the shots that I was missing. This was her first professional shoot and she loved every moment of it, thanks largely to the cute doggies everywhere.

Photos by Royd Tauro & Palak Varma

Sahil + Bhakti: A sunset Mumbai wedding

Earlier this year, Setu contacted me about photographing her brother Sahil's wedding. After meeting Sahil and his to-be-bride Bhakti for coffee, I instantly knew that this was a wedding shoot I was going to thoroughly enjoy. The wedding was to be held at the Sun & Sand Hotel in Mumbai at sunset with the beach in the background. When I heard this, my eyes instantly lit up! I think I was more excited about the wedding day than the bride and groom.

The mehendi function a couple of days before the wedding gave me a chance to mingle with the family and become a part of their celebrations. Even Moshe, the family dog was getting involved in the celebrations!

On the day of the wedding, I reached the venue early to take a look and make a mental note of how I wanted to photograph it. The mandap was setup right next to Juhu beach with the sun setting in the background. The timing of the mahurat was perfect! With the gorgeous bride and groom and the setting sun in the background, this made for the most perfect wedding story ever.

Photos by Royd Tauro & Oscar Varghese