Oscar’s 2nd Birthday: Mumbai Pet Photography

When Riddhi contacted me asking if I would photograph her 2 year old Labrador’s birthday, there was only one thing I could say. I mean, how could I paws-ibly say no to this?

It is said that pets are the perfect stress busters, and rightly so. This was possibly the most relaxed shoot I have ever done. Although, this reminded me to get back into the gym and start training again. Running after the little pooches and squatting constantly to get the perfect shot took a toll on my thighs. I could still feel the burn after 3 days.

Palak was the perfect assistant as well and made sure she got the shots that I was missing. This was her first professional shoot and she loved every moment of it, thanks largely to the cute doggies everywhere.

Photos by Royd Tauro & Palak Varma